Success Stories

October 2015
LPN – Started as a mortgage lender but also took classes, taking advantage of her flexible schedule. She started as a nurse in a VA and then got a few offers for private duty. She evaluated the offers against her values and took a job with a great family.

Bank Teller – Was working in fast food and then worked to get a position with a better career trajectory. After getting rejected a number of times, networked with a local branch manager and was offered a position as a bank teller.

September 2015
Assistant Director – She started as a beverage representative volunteering at her church. Her plan was to find a job in operations after college. A few people recommended that she apply for the Assistant Director job at the church. The interviews were tough but she had prepared and got the job.

Program Coordinator – He started as a team member working in an outdoor education program. He worked at increasing funding through grant writing and increased participation. When a job for a program coordinator opened up for a similar organization, he applied. After multiple rounds of interviews and knowing a number of the fellow applicants he was offered the job. He was ecstatic on the news and is already hard at work making it a strong program.

August 2015
Business Operations Specialist – He started in the accounting department and got more involved in predictive analytics working with the CEO. He was able to network into a larger role as Business Operations Specialist at another company.

Facility Manager – Worked as a facility technician and then worked his job search plan and was able to land a promotion using his military and current job experience.

July 2015
Administrative Assistant – She started as a hotel housekeeper, then became a custodial assistant at a college. She then got her degree and applied for an internship. She accepted a full-time job as an administrative assistant at the college.

IT Support Assistant – Started by volunteering at a large non-profit helping people learn computer skills. Then, they were offered a part-time job doing the same thing and really loved working with the students/clients. They were able to eventually turn it into a full-time job and has happily been helping others learn.

June 2015
Environmental Tech – As a security guard he had plenty of time to study and he wanted to work outside. After writing a number of options down and looking up career options, he opted for working as an environmental technician. Pretty easy to get into but with a lot of growth potential.

Food Service – Working as an administrative assistant wasn’t a long term goal. She liked it but wanted to do something different and after careful consideration made a career change. She started working in a catering business in operations and customer service and hasn’t looked back.